artist Min Ray with her geometric abstract paintings


Min Ray is a visual artist based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Starting with the joys of motherhood, Min's journey took a colourful twist. Leaving the corporate world, she bravely pursued a diploma of visual art. Min traded spreadsheets and meetings for paintbrushes and creativity.

With a profound passion for Hard-edged Geometric Abstraction, Min's art revolves around simple shapes and compositions that convey powerful stories. Every colour choice serves a purpose, representing a spectrum of emotions.

Influenced by renowned artists such as Bridget Riley, Carmen Herrera, and Annie Albers, Min also draws inspiration from the wonders of nature, her family connections, and even scientific marvels. She enjoys mixing different elements together to create something truly special.

Min is devoted to her craft, always fine tuning her freehand painting techniques,  striving for excellence. Her dedication shines through in every stroke of her brush. 


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Artists Statement

My work draws inspiration from early to mid-20th century movements and styles like Bauhaus, Colour Field, Op Art, and Minimalism. These traditions have provided me with a unique perspective that allows me to see the world through abstract lenses. I transform objects, landscapes, emotions, and thoughts into lines, shapes, forms, and colours.

I firmly believe that everyone carries significant memories within themselves. These memories are often tied to imagery, smells, tastes, sounds, and touch. They contribute greatly to our identity and sense of self.

Through my abstract paintings, my goal is to portray both internal and external spaces, capturing subjective experiences and memories. The psychology of colour and the symbolism of geometric forms deeply fascinate me.



  • 2020 | Diploma of Visual Arts | NCAT | Victoria | Australia
  • 2019 | Diploma of Visual Arts | Melbourne Polytechnic | Victoria | Australia

Selected Exhibitions

  • 2023 | Group Show | "More is More" | Art Lovers Australia Gallery | Collingwood
  • 2023 | Duo Show | "Polyphonic" | Sol Gallery | Fitzroy
  • 2022 | Solo Show |  "Impressions of a Garden" | Red Gallery | Fitzroy North
  • 2022 | Solo Show | "Life through a Kaleidoscope" | The Old Auction House | Kyneton
  • 2022 | Group Show | "Shape Shifters" | Red Gallery | Fitzroy North
  • 2021 | Group Show | "Fifty Squared" | Brunswick Street Gallery | Fitzroy
  • 2021 | Group Show | Box Gallery | Sandbox Studios | Brunswick
  • 2020 | Group Show | "Summation" | Virtual Exhibition 
  • 2019 | Group Show | "Epoch" | A Space Gallery | Preston

    Selected Awards

    2023 | Finalist | "In Search of Light ・11" | BlueThumb Art Prize

    2022 | Winner | “Passion" | Art Lovers Abstract Art Prize

    2021 | Semi-Finalist | “Into the Light“ | White Wall Art Prize

    2021 | Finalist | “Motherhood, the Beginning“ | Waverley Art Prize